Tuition covers the cost of lodging, meals, student supplies and administrative overhead. Your instruction is provided free of charge through the generosity of TUFFS volunteers.

ALL ACCOMMODATIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS. Accommodations will be assigned by the School based upon registration preferences and availability. Tuition includes two nights of accommodation and 7 full meals with beverages (Friday lunch and dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch).

REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Tuition payments are fully refundable up to one month in advance of the start of school. All cancelations after that date are non-refundable; tuition may be refunded if you can provide a substitute student for the same level of instruction.

DOGS AT RANCH RUDOLPH: Dogs are welcome, leashed at all times, and you are required to clean up after them.

Regarding children: This school is not equipped to accept children under 14 years of age. A fully paid parent or legal guardian must accompany any child between 14 and 18. There are no exceptions. Note: The Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of TU offers a 4-day, youth-only camp once a year on Higgins Lake that is similar to our school for adults. For more information, click here.

*All packages INCLUDE MEALS and are PER PERSON.

For Novice and Intermediate Students, and Non-Students, those accompanying a student but not receiving instruction:

  • Room for One: $975
  • Room for Two: $875
  • Campsite: $535
  • Meals Only, no accommodations: $475

For Advanced Students:

  • Room for One: $1075
  • Room for Two: $975
  • Campsite: $635
  • Meals Only, no accommodations: $575